I am an RRCA-certified and USAT level 1 coach committed to helping you define, pursue and achieve your personal race goals. Everyday Endurance Training (e2training) was born of the belief that striving for the finish line provides the strength and endurance to handle life’s curveballs whenever, and wherever, they may come.

I began my coaching career as a high school teacher and coach of field hockey, cross country skiing, lacrosse and cross country running. It was during that time that I trained for my first marathon, and I have been running them ever since. Following the birth of each of my three children, I set goals: my first Boston Marathon, my first full season of triathlons, my first half-ironman. I became a Stott Pilates and certified Spin instructor, finding a way to fit my coaching and training into the rigors of life as a full-time mom. Over time, this training and experience evolved into e2training and the desire to use my hard-won knowledge and personal experiences to help others fit athletic goals into hectic lives.